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About Us

Aquatica Yacht Services is a licensed, insured, mobile detail service.

For immediate service please e-mail or call us (561)-578-7371 today.

Our mission as a business is to set a new standard for yacht management and maintenance companies in South Florida. We aspire to provide our clientele with a superior quality of service at the lowest price possible.

With the highest quality products available, a hard-working personnel with a keen eye for detail, we are truly the #1 choice for all your yacht management and maintenance needs. All you need to do is talk to one of our customers, they will back up our bold claim of being the best.

Make sure you ask about our special monthly & weekly packages as well as free boat washes for referrals!

Our Services


Yacht Detailing

  • We use a non abrasive wash and wax to wash off all the salt and dirt, without stripping off the boat wax coating that is protecting your paint or gel coat. For heavily oxidized boats our rubbing compounds can bring back to life heavily sun faded vessels.

  • We also provide a full and comprehensive engine room cleaning service. Firstly we remove oil and bilge water, then safely dispose of it. Then we degrease engines, engine rooms, bilges and condition the engine to protect and shine. If required, engines can be repainted before conditioner and diapers will be laid under the engine and in bilges. If your engine requires repair, we have a certified and insured mechanic on our staff available at all times.

Yacht Management

  • Our monthly and weekly packages will keep your vessel looking its best. We offer big price cuts to customers who sign up for a monthly or weekly package with us.

Bottom Cleaning

  • Monthly bottom cleaning performed by Aquaticas experienced divers with quality materials designed to clean the bottom of your vessel and preserve your bottom paint as long as possible.


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